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Marble Desk Plates

Marble is a natural material formed from heat and pressure. Each piece of marble is unique. One characteristic of marble is fissures or veining.


The veins or fissures give marble a natural artistic look.

Fissures are visual separations along intercrystalline boundaries.

  • Some marble desk plates will have more fissures than others.

Green Marble

In this image, you will see an example of green marble.

The white lines or veins are fissures in the marble. This is normal for most marble and some marble may have more fissures than others.

Is Marble Right for You

Marble is not right for everyone. Since it is a natural material, you can expect irregularities.

Other Desk Plate Options

If you are looking for a solid color desk plate, we have many other types of desk plates we offer. Click the image below to see more.

desk plates

Marble Desk Plates with Color Filled Engraving

Featuring engraving directly on the desk plate, these desk plates also come with various colors for engraving.

Marble Desk Plates with Metal Name Plates

These desk plates feature a marble base with different color metal name plates.