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Custom Tumblers

Insulated Stainless Steel

Plates And Inserts - Plastic and Metal

These Insert Plates come in a variety of colors with the option for plastic or metal.  Available in either 2" x 8" or 2" x 10" sizes.

Glass and Crystal Desk Name Plates

Modern Elegance describes our vast collection of Glass and Crystal Deskplates Choose From Beautiful Jade Tinted Glass or Genuine Crystal

Piano Finish Desk Name Plates

Our Piano Finish Desk Plates have several layers of high gloss luster to provide a "mirror like" reflective finish. Available in Dark Red Rosewood or a Deep gorgeous Black

Acrylic Desk Name Plates

Our Acrylic Desk Name Plates are low in Cost, but high in Elegance Choose from a wide variety of eye catching styles to suit your needs. Acrylic Offers the look of "Depth" in a deskplate.

Marble Desk Name Plates

When it comes to deskplates, very few can top the look of Classic Marble. For a look that is always in style, choose our Green or Black Marble Desk Nameplates

Walnut Deskplates

Solid Walnut Wood Provides a natural warm look for any office. Made from a Durable solid Piece of Walnut, these deskplates will be enjoyed for years to come.

Metal Deskplates

Metal Deskplates with engraved plastic Insert plates that slide in and out for quick name changes. Perfect for businesses on a budget. Over 400 Color Combinations Ensures that Everyone's name will be displayed in the right color.

Faux Finish Deskplates

Add a touch of Flair and display your name with style with our Faux Finish Deskplates. A new modern classic. Retro black name plate with white engraving combined with bright colors

Acrylic Desk Plate Holders

Works Great as a Desk Plate or as a small Sign. Many different plastic color inserts to choose from with a simple "drop in" design for quick name changes.

Desk Name Plate Holders

These Desk Name Plate Holders are great for use with our plastic or metal inserts.

Solid Ash (wooden) Desk Plates

Neutral Color to go with most any office decor. Built with a Solid Ash Wooden Base
$9.85 - $23.40