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Printed Walnut Desk Plate

Our solid Walnut desk block, digitally printed with your name and logo.  Available in 8", 10", or 12" sizes.  The text will be printed in white so that it shows up against the dark walnut wood.  Please note:  if you have a dark-colored logo, it may not show up well against the dark walnut wood.
$21.40 - $33.65

Custom Printed & Laser Engraved Acrylic Desk Plate

This acrylic desk plate is custom printed with your logo to give it a unique design. We etch your name on the back of the acrylic so that it shows through to the front. The desk plate is made of clear acrylic, which gives it the look of glass, but at a more economical price.

$26.55 - $35.70